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The Safety Of Our Customers And Staff Are Our Number One Priority. From Pick-Up To Delivery Our COVID-19 Protocol Sanitizes, Sterilizes And Kills COVID-19 Bacteria.


Dear Friends and Customers,

Here at Donaldson Cleaners we have been hard at work to ensure your dry-cleaning is 100% COVID-19 Safe!  Our exclusive Pure-Marq Sanitization process kills COVID-19 bacteria so when you get your and dry-cleaning laundry back from us it is COVID-19 sterilized

We are the only Dry Cleaners that provides this level of sanitization and sterilization for your garments.  As well we have made visible changes all in line with COVID-19 prevention. Infection control has always been a top priority for our business. Now more than ever, our infection control processes are made so that when you use our services it is both safe and convenient.

Here are the changes that we have put in place to help protect you, your dry-cleaning and our staff:

Dry-Cleaning Pick Up and Delivery Service:

Touch Surfaces for homes

  • Employees are asked to reduce touching surfaces when picking up and delivering your dry-cleaning. Our employees will wear gloves or wipe down with sanitizer any touch points drivers contact in picking up or dropping off your order, whether in a customer’s home or a designated pick up/drop off area.
  • Drivers will wear a mask if entering a home.

Pick Up and Delivery

  • Pick up items will be separated from the clean and sanitized dry-cleaning.
  • Drivers will wipe down with sanitizer any touch points they contact in picking up or dropping off your order.
  • Drivers will routinely use hand sanitizers and wipe down the steering wheel and other hard surfaces frequently handled.
  • Drivers will sanitize their hands after each home pick-up and delivery.


  • Customers are required to report illness, Covid-19 symptoms, or suspected/positive Covid-19 before Donaldson employees arrive on site.  If the illness is present, please place your garments in a plastic bag and leave outside in a designated pick up area.
  • Employees are required to report illness, Covid-19 symptoms, or suspected/positive Covid-19 and are not to report to work.
  • Maintain proper social distance (6 feet) with all employees and customers
  • Customers are encouraged to wear a mask if they need to speak or .be in the same room as our employees.
  • Our employees will be required to wear a mask while inside a customer’s home.

Social Distancing (6 feet apart)

  • Employees will practice social distancing with customers and other employees outside of their bubble.
  • If employees are unable to maintain an appropriate distance, they will wear a mask.

Please call if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Brett Donaldson
President Donaldson Cleaners

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We are still open to meet your drycleaning and laundry needs at our production facility
located at 5365 W. Clairemont Drive, Appleton

We also provide two levels of FREE and convenient concierge services to bring
drycleaning and laundry to your front door.

#1 VIP Service- Your concierge is in your neighborhood twice per week.
#2 On Demand service- Your concierge is at your door front once per week.

Simply call us at 920-882-0453 or stop in Monday- Friday between 8:00am-4:00pm for more info.





FREE Front Door Pick UP & Delivery, Custom Cleaning Services… And Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

“No More Waiting In Lines, Dealing With Traffic, Or Extra Errands To Run. Your Dry Cleaning Is As Close As Your Front Door!” 

Dear Friend,

We get it.

You’re busy.  You have important things to do.

In today’s world it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished that we want to…

Having to run errands that are not high up on our priority list is something that can make most of us crabby. Who wants to run out to drop off or pick up your cleaning? It’s always annoying to take the time to handle this boring but necessary chore.

Please take a second and think about this.

How many times you have you gone into your cleaners in a rush, and something similar has happened:

  • Your clothes aren’t ready when they said they would be…
  • One of the items you brought in is missing…
  • There’s still a stain on your favorite shirt…
  • There’s a huge line and you don’t have time to wait…


We’ve all experienced something close to one of these situations…and it’s not OK!

When taking your valuable possessions to the dry cleaners these are situations that should NEVER occur.

If having these things happen to you wasn’t bad enough…many cleaners sadly take part in un-professional practices that they don’t want you to know about, or don’t care if you do such as

  • NEVER replacing the missing item with no consequences, saying it’s somehow YOUR fault…
  • If an item is ruined while it’s being cleaned…they most likely will not give you back what it’s worth…
  • They’ll say they didn’t damage it. Good luck proving they did…
  • Using harmful, toxic chemicals and not feel the need to tell you about it…
  • They hurt the environment with products and equipment that they use…
  • Becoming masters of the bait & switch. They advertise cleaning at one price, and then charge more because your article of clothing didn’t qualify for the sale…
  • Gender pricing. They actually will charge more to clean women’s clothing…
  • Not knowing what the term “Customer Service” means…
  • Willing to take, damage, and not care about your possessions. They know there aren’t many serious consequences for their actions, and most people don’t have the time to actually follow through with their claims…
  • Running out in any weather to drop off or pick up your clothes, when you just don’t have the time…

So, why deal with cleaners who operate this way?

Why let something that should be done quickly, easily, and correctly every time ruin your mood?

Don’t let lies, laziness, and incompetence effect how you feel!

It’s Time To Start Dealing With Real Professionals Who You Can Trust!

At Donaldson’s Cleaners we don’t operate that way.  In fact, we actually are the opposite!

We are up front with ALL our customers, and explain in detail exactly what they can expect from us.

Whether it’s clothing, rugs, comforters, a wedding dress we can meet all your needs!

And as we stated before we know how hectic and busy life can be, so we offer some amazing services to make things easier for you!

  • Our 100% No BS Money Back Guarantee To You

If you are not happy with any aspect of our product or service, Donaldson’s Cleaners will happily do what it takes for you to receive the customer experience you expect and deserve. – Brett Donaldson

  • And More!

If that wasn’t good enough.

We also have an amazing offer for you today!

If you sign up to become one of our preferred customers you’ll get clued in on how you can get:

  • Discounts
  • Cleaning Tips
  • FREE cleanings
  • And much more!

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Plus, to give you even more piece of mind…

Here’s My Personal Guarantee To You:

I guarantee all of our work 100%.  If you are not happy with any aspect of our product or service, Donaldson’s Cleaners will happily do what it takes for you to receive the customer experience you expect and deserve. If we can’t fix your problem…we’ll give you your money back!  –Brett Donaldson

So, what have you got to lose?

Our work is guaranteed; you can get FREE pick up & delivery, and eliminate all the hassles that come along with your “typical” dry cleaning business.

If you’re sick and tired of being lied to, wasting your valuable time, or just want a better dry cleaning experience you need to come into one of our two convenient locations right now, or schedule a time for your FREE pick up & delivery now!

We look forward to working with you, taking care of your problems quickly & easily, and becoming your trusted cleaner for years to come!

We can’t wait to see you.


Brett Donaldson


Donaldsons Dry Cleaners

P.S.  Remember – these are your prized possessions, and they deserve the highest quality care.  Don’t let amateurs carelessly take care of them…you need someone who understands the frustration, anger, and anxiety that can come along with most dry cleaners.

Take us up on our amazing offers now.  FREE Pick Up & Delivery, Gifts, Discounts, Cleaning Tips, and much more!




Participating Organizations:

Proud Member of:


Is there any extra cost or membership fee?

No. You get our regular in-store prices. There are no additional fees.

Where are my clothes picked up and delivered?

At your front door, or another suitable weather-protected location.

How do I let you know that I have an order to pick up?

There is no need to call. Just put your bag out on your pick up day.

Is there a minimum order?

No. No need to wait for a bag full of dirty clothes. Any amount is fine.

What do I put my clothes in?

We will provide you with a blue Donaldson’s Cleaners Express Bag.

Do I have to be there when the pick up and delivery is made?

No. Your route driver will provide service to your pre-determined location.






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